Saturday, September 10, 2011

Arizona State University Students Wear Black Face to a Football Game

arizona state university students wear black face


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Anonymous said...

I moved to Arizona in 1977 and one of the factors in my decision was what I perceived at the time to be a state less plagued by race issues than my home state of Indiana (KKK governor "in the day"). Please do not feed another stereotype and encourage that minority that takes some pride in another "outsider" criticising AZ for any reason, that is a culture I found those who have moved here as too quick to promote. This mentality of "us against them" is probably caused by the fact that a very high percent of Zonies were not native to the state, and we rally to defend on principle our sameness. We are no better or worse than the average when it comes to prejudice. Promoting this stereotype gives me one millionth part of the pain you correctly feel by the misguided actions of a few students (high percentage of out of state students...)that need to be disparaged. and questioned.