Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to Help Kelley Williams-Bolar: Representatives You Can Contact

kelley williams-bolar


Kelley Williams-Bolar is the woman who was sent to jail in Akron, OH for sending her kids to the wrong district.  If you’d like to help her and make the broader and important point about educational inequality in America, please take the time to send a short note of concern to the state representatives in the area.  The information is below:

For Summit County (the county that Akron is in) the state representatives are:
Lynn Slaby (Republican):
Kristina Roegner (Republican):
Todd McKenney (Republican):
Vernon Sykes:
Zack Milkovich (Democrat):

House members website:
The state senator for that area is Frank LaRose (Republican):
Senate members website:


Unknown said...

thanks, I just wrote to 4 of these people. This is what I wrote:

Dear Representative
Even as far away as Seattle where I live we have heard the plight of
Ms Williams-Bolar. While child molesters and dope dealers walk,
she gets an immense fine and a count of felony for trying to do the
best for her children. Please help reduce the sentence and charges.
HOw come one school district costs so much more than the other? where
is the justice here? Why don't they go after the real bad guys.
Give Ms Williams-Bolar the finger wag and tell her not to do that
again. Why condemn a hard working mom and her children to heartbreak
and poverty when there is a real chance they can escape it?

Akua Lezli Hope said...

Thanks for this information. This issues touches me DEEPLY and I want to do more than CRY! My parents worked overtime to change our circumstances and get us in better schools. I was stoned as one of few black students at a mostly white public school. The struggle continues.
The past is not forgotten. I now have
two graduate degrees. I will not let
this travesty pass unremarked.