Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dr. Boyce’s 10 Most Intriguing Black Americans of 2010

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse UniversityScholarship in Action

No, my list is not official, but I had to lay it out there. Also, it's not in any kind of numerical order, except for the guy who stands at #1. For my friends who are not on the list, I apologize, and I admit that the list is biased. Finally, I am sure most of us can agree that, even if we don't admire some of the people on this list, there's no denying that all of them made a significant impact on black America during the year 2010. So, as we move into the "one-one," let's pay a quick tribute to those who kept our heads turning during the year 2010.

1) Barack Obama: Hail to the Chief. President Obama, whether you love him or hate him, has positioned himself as one of the most significant Americans in the history of our nation. This is going to be an interesting year for Obama, as the economy will likely rebound, improving his chances at reelection. At the same time, the growth in Republican power can be a thorn in his side. Obama must be given credit for the fact that he has remained cool under pressure, and has become as much of a social icon as a leading political figure.

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