Monday, October 12, 2009

Did Obama Deserve to win the Nobel Prize? Black Scholars Speak Up

Marvin Lynn, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Curriculum & Instruction
Faculty Affiliate, African American Studies
University of Illinois at Chicago


I think he deserves the award because, as they said, he has established a different tone in the world. Two years ago, America was despised around the world. This is not the case today. Of course people still have criticisms of our policies etc but our global neighbors hated Bush so much that it was making global travel a frightening experience for Americans. There has been a shift in how people see us. That is directly tied to President Obama's diplomatic stance on a variety of issues.




Dr. Wilmer J. Leon

Political Science Professor at Howard University

Host of “On with Leon” – Sirius/XM Satellite


This is an incredible personal accomplishment for the Obama's, a wonderful international recognition of the shift in American foreign policy, and a compliment to the intelligence of the American electorate The Nobel committee is acknowledging the positive shift away from the unilateral exclusionary foreign policy of the Bush 43' administration to the multilateral inclusionary foreign policy direction of the Obama administration. The illegal invasions of sovereign nations, torture, and the ignoring of ecological issues of the Bush 43' administration only brought instability and insecurity for America and the rest of the world. President Obama offers hope through honest diplomacy and open dialog. This is the true path towards peace and security for all.

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DetroitSam said...

I really appreciate reading two people who identify themselves as "black scholars" speak up and say positive things about President Obama.

I don't expect that people should only sing praises of the Presidient but it is very disheartening to see some black people appear on the white tvs shows of people who are attempting, along with the republcians, to undermine the President.

Many of these people are self-identify black scholars who are afflicted with the crabs in a barrel syndrome and are happy to throw their jabs.

I guess this is partly a reflection of them, now that they two nickles to rub together, wanting the appease the white power structure.

It could also mean that they think they will someday be given a big time yv show on the white owned networkds.

But mostly, I thinkatheir assisting the right-wing haters to undermine the President is just due to the "crabs in a barrel syndrome".