Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Respected friend Michel Martin of NPR Speaks on Black Wealth

Click the image to listen!

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Anonymous said...

Peace Sister I can't speak highly of enough of you. It's so nice to hear that real black voice, a voice of worldly concern for your own and others. I race to gt my mp3 player at 3 to make sure I know what you are talking about today. I feel as high when youi are on as I am to see Obama on tv. Let me explain. I have had the chance to do a local npr show on 91.3 from western il univ. I get such positive responces becauses people are so happy to hear a black voice that's not an athlete ect, you know the usual. However it really taught me the power of the radio. I mean even white people are happy to hear my topics. I promote minority health month, black history and womens history month topics. Needless to say very little is ever on the airways abouat these issues the but the local station allows me that chance. In closing you do it every weekday. Wow so much love for you and the work please keep going. In Peace Brother Byron Oden-Shabazz- Please forgive any mistakes on break and don't have time to correct them