Thursday, June 19, 2008

Juan Williams on Fox: The Flavor Flav of Social Commentary

I just heard from a friend that the "great" Juan Williams, the eternal happy negro on Fox News, has done a couple of interesting things. First, he wrote an article in The Wall Street Journal of all places, about disappearing black dads on Father's Day. I am not 100% sure where a black man feels he is making his point by writing in a predominantly white publication about the problems of the black community. Obviously, the only benefit of such a column would be to get the old "Yeah boss, these black people sho is messed up" brownie points. For that, I congratulate you Juan, you have continued to earn your paycheck at Fox News.

Of course, even though Juan Williams speaks to a predominantly white audience, he often fails to mention the growing divorce rates in the white community. I would love to see him attacking the millions of white men who have left the homes of their children. But then again, putting out White America's dirty laundry would surely get Juan fired.

Secondly, I read that Juan has actually asked Senator Barack Obama to apologize for being a part of The Trinity United Church of Christ. My man Roland Martin had him on his radio show, and I am sure Roland handled Juan. Juan Williams is not very intelligent, so he's an easy person to wear down in a debate. What is most ironic is that although Juan Williams seems to jock Bill Cosby like a bright eyed school girl (in his book), my inside indication is that Cosby doesn't have much respect for Juan.

You see folks, that's the difference between Juan Williams and Bill Cosby. Cosby says what he says (although I don't agree with him all the time) because he actually LOVES black people. He is like the father who loves his son so much that he beats him with a stick to make him act right. So, rather than getting better behavior, his child ends up with brain damage. Juan Williams is the person who goes across the street to his son's enemy, and then helps the enemy break into the house to shoot his son in the head. Juan Williams, in my opinion, does NOT care about black people and he is not a friend to African Americans. As a Finance Professor, I can say that Juan Williams is what I would call a sell-out. Cosby, on the other hand, at least deserves respect for being willing to take a major beating from the black community to say what he truly feels.

The most heated thing I've ever said on national television is when I explained on CNN why Juan Williams is Bill O'Reilly's Happy Little Negro (which I explained in detail later, since many of my non-black colleagues were appalled that I used such terminology. I am not sure if they've ever heard the word "negro" used in public before). I had to explain the history of racism to help them understand why these were the most appropriate words for that scenario). Any black man who spends most of his time defending Bill O'Reilly from black people is truly an enemy of African Americans and a reminder that black images on television, from 50 Cent and Flavor Flav to Juan Williams and Jesse Lee Peterson, are reflective of where our society stands when it comes to racial misrepresentation in media.

I think that Juan Williams must be going senile, for his desire to disgrace the black community grows more and more every day. I am glad that no one in the black community pays much attention to him anymore. Well, then again, there are people who listen to Flavor Flav, so perhaps I am wrong on that point.

I actually feel sorry for Juan Williams, I am sure he has a hard time sleeping at night. It's hard out there for a pimp, and even harder for a black journalist seeking to get pimped by the highest bidder.


Anonymous said...

This is the first time I’ve ever stopped by this blog, so I’m a little curious about something: As a professor, do you allow your students to also make wild claims, without having done any actual research, or providing any evidence?

Let’s take a look at few things you’ve said:

“I just heard from a friend…”
So you didn’t actually hear it yourself… you’re just going on what he/she told you.

“…I read that Juan has actually asked Senator Barack Obama to apologize…”
Where did you read this? Why is there no link? Did you read it on a napkin… or was it somewhere slightly more reliable?

“My man Roland Martin had him on his radio show, and I am sure Roland handled Juan.”
Again, you didn’t actually hear it, or talk to Mr. Martin about it… you’re just guessing.

“…my inside indication is that Cosby doesn't have much respect for Juan.”
Evidence? Proof? Anything other than your unknown and unnamed ‘sources’?

I remember when I was in college, only a few short years ago, and my professors required me to actually back up the things I said… not just spout widely, and hope that someone listens. I guess I’m glad I didn’t take the money SU offered me… and instead went somewhere else.

OH… and one more thing… I’m curious about your theory that Black people shouldn’t write, publish, or talk to organizations that are “predominantly white,” like (as you suggest, but provide no statistics for) the Wall Street Journal. It seems to me, that you’re suggesting some sort of voluntary segregation be put in place, so that Blacks only talk to Blacks, and (I suppose) Whites only talk to Whites. At the same time you suggest this, you of course suggest that groups need to be more integrated, more diverse, and less racially identical. How can you claim to fight against racism, when at the same time, you appear to fighting FOR racism.

And what about Sen. Barack Obama’s similar comments about Black fathers:

“You and I know how true this is in the African-American community. We know that more than half of all black children live in single-parent households, a number that has doubled – doubled – since we were children. We know the statistics – that children who grow up without a father are five times more likely to live in poverty and commit crime; nine times more likely to drop out of schools and twenty times more likely to end up in prison. They are more likely to have behavioral problems, or run away from home, or become teenage parents themselves. And the foundations of our community are weaker because of it.”

You probably feel that he was wrong too. After all, he shouldn’t have been talking about “the problems of the black community” in such a public forum.

So which is it? Are you a hypocrite for attacking one, but not the other… OR, are you equally hateful and racist, no matter who the speaker is?

Just curious.

Anonymous said...

ImNotBlue, Great points, very well said. Keep up the great work, maybe some of these folks will think about what they are saying and start trying to be a positive force for good and for bringing us together.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid that your racism has jaundiced your view and perspective to the point of absurdity. Yes,, black on black racism. So Juan Williams is a tom for working at Fox News? He also works National Public Radio, does that make him a house nigger? You are dispicable and typically true your liberal masters, beholden to the left for all things including your very existence. Dont you see that you are their house nigger? Your transparency reveals a disgusting old paradigm of the uninformed soul. You are a disgrace to black people everywhere. You see my friend, perhaps that Mr. Williams is in fact working in a bastian of conservatism, reveals he is unafraid to be who he is. Who is he?, an accomplished, informed man of intersting and diverse ideas and most of all, unafraid not to be beholden to your masters, the liberal establishment. Teach that.

Anonymous said...

Juan Williams is one of the biggest embarrassments on national television. I love it how white people come to a blog like this and use this ridiculous white supremacy mindset to say things that are just stupid.

The reason Boyce Watkins threatens you is because he is more intelligent than you. Get over it.

Also, if you are white and you even watch Fox News, that right there tells every black reader that you are a racist.

Anonymous said...

White people can be incredibly irresponsible. They talk about how all of racial imbalance is the fault of African Americans and don't put any of the blame on themselves. Because they robbed, raped and stole their way to control of all the media and capital, they get to put out their viewpoints over ours.

They need to learn a thing or two about personal responsibility.

Anonymous said...

To Mr. "Imnotblue" at the top (his name should be changed to "I'm not intelligent"), here are some intelligent answers to your dumb questions. I wish Dr. Boyce could answer them himself, and I hope he will chime in at some point.

First, if someone says they heard something from a friend, that doesn't mean that they didn't go read it. The friend may have told them to go read it.

Second, Juan did ask Obama to apologize. You should get up on your facts.

Third, he was speculating that Roland likely handled Juan well, he didn't imply that he knew this for certain. Also, you Fox News fans tend to lie toward your own reality anyway.

Fourth, he doesn't have to provide proof to you. It could be the case that he cannot disclose the inside information. This is his opinion, so I would not consider you to be important enough for anyone in the black community to prove anything to you.

Fifth, many black men disagree with Obama's comments about black men. They were generalized stereotypes. As a father who raised 4 children to adulthood, I was offended by Obama's remarks.

I have worked with white men my entire life. None of them is as good of a father as I have been. You guys just don't have your dirty laundry out there for people to see.

Stop your hate.

Anonymous said...

Watkins' post shows once again how the radical left is full of hate, full of lies, and continues to wallow in sheer evil. Every word you just spewed out about Juan Williams is a total lie. Every word of it. There wasn't even a single attempt at trying to prove a point with facts, logic, or anything else. It was nothing but adhominem insults and libel. Juan Williams is a class act. That's a fact. This blog is the equivalent of stepping in a dog pile and having to clean my shoe. What a disgusting smell.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Jameson, interesting responses. Although, I disagree with almost all of them... perhaps my desire for actual "evidence," "proof," or something slightly more tangible than hearsay, is my own fault... but I don't think so. Perhaps you feel the whole, "I'll take his word," thing is good enough... but somehow if the source was someone else (read FOX News or White people) you'd feel differently. To me, that's a double standard.

But anyway, I suppose I have just a few questions for you (and the other posters who replied similarly):

1) Why do you assume I'm white?
2) Why do you assume I'm a FOX News fan?
3) Why do you assume I "hate"?

Seems to me, that you're pushing some strong stereotyping there, my friend. Is that really appropriate? Would it be okay if someone else did it?

And one more thing, you say that you didn't like Obama's comments because they, "generalized stereotypes." And yet, you then go on to say, "I have worked with white men my entire life. None of them is as good of a father as I have been. You guys just don't have your dirty laundry out there for people to see." Now certainly you haven't worked with ALL the White men... so aren't you stereotyping? Perhaps you've worked with a bad crowd of White men... irresponsible fathers, as the case may be. But, by ascribing their behavior to ALL White people, aren't you doing the same thing you were "offended" by?

Anonymous said...

Juan Williams is an embarrassment to the journalist profession. As a black journalist, I was taught to have integrity. Juan apparentlhy has none.

Elrancho78 said...

Look - anyone who is the lap dog of O'Reilly & co has to be either corrupt, stupid or plain evil - or all three. If Juan Williams goes along with their agenda he is not to be taken seriously as anything but a disgrace.

And I might as well add that anyone who even watches Fox must have at the least, questionable taste, or more worryingly, a desire to be treated like a fool, spoken to like a fool, make to think like a fool, told to fear like a fool etc etc...

Anonymous said...

Fox News is a disgrace to all humanity. They not only hate black people, but they are an embarrassment to white people as well. They make us all look like a pack of racists and that's not the kind of person I am. Also, even though I am not black, I hate the way white people think that because Jessie Lee Peterson says something that it is ok. Anyone who attacks people of color should be condemned, even if the person is black. That includes Juan Williams also. If you read the history of slavery, you know that the white master has always used slaves to control and attack black people.

Anonymous said...

El Rancho and previous Anonymous said nothing but lies and libel about O'Reilly and Juan Williams. That is a fact.

Anonymous said...

Juan Williams is a horrible disgrace to people of color. I would rather watch Flavor Flav or Amos and Andy type stuff on TV than to see this allegedly intelligent black man always finding a reason to agree with his slave master. He is a terrible human being and an embarrassment to his race.

Anonymous said...

Juan Williams is the most horrible journalist in America. Only racist people would give such a platform to such an Uncle Tom. He is being paid to attack black people, for any friend of Fox News who agrees with Bill O'Reilly is an enemy of black people.

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