Saturday, July 2, 2011

Reaching Out for Ideas

Note from Dr. Boyce:

"I might go crazy on these niggas I don?t give a motherf*ck
Run up in the ni**a house and shoot his grandmother up, what!
What? I don?t give a motherfuck get ya baby kidnapped
And ya baby motherfu*cked" - Lil Wayne, 3 Peat

As we move forward and confront this content in music, would anyone like to contribute some ideas on how we can best challenge the music industry, corporate sponsors, radio stations and networks about promoting this kind of stuff? 

I'm all ears for anyone who has good ideas on how to proceed.   The goal is not to impede on Lil Wayne’s freedom of speech.  It is to exercise our own freedom to protest this self-destructive brainwashing of our children.

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Anonymous said...

I like the idea of poetic license and freedom of speech.

Do you remember when those beloved Sex and the City girls did drugs on that show? Everyone thought it was so cute.