Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dr. Boyce: Why Would Tom Attack Tavis and Cornel in such a Vicious Way?


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Anonymous said...

Joyner is a coon because first of all like most Obambots,he seem to think Blacks OWE the half WHITE Obama something in particular.

I've never heard a person being told that they "serve the politician but when it comes to Obama,Blacks are expected to serve him,which makes absolutely no sense".

Tavis and Cornel are free men who talked about Bush,so why now is it a problem because they demand that Obama answer the tough questions instead of waffling as he does.

It's ludicrous for Joyner or any other Obamabot to try and act like Black men are somehow guiding White men to speak their minds on Obama when they have done it all along.I don't see Obamabots like Tom saying anything about Whites that criticize Obama seeing as how he is half White.