Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Police Release Video of Black Teen Being Shot

Your Black World Reports

The shooting of 18-year old Andre Pitts in Brooklyn is nothing short of a tragedy.  In order to find the killer of Pitts, the NYPD has released the video of the teen being shot as he enters into an elevator.  To date, gun violence is the number one killer of African American males, and efforts to slow down the manufacture and sale of guns have failed.  

The video is below.

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downhome1 said...

It is amazing to me that many black Americans support a major Ku Klux Klan policy. During Reconstruction, when blacks lost their rights under the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, some Southern areas included more blacks than whites and yet, a few whites dominated the majority. Excuse my French, but gun control was the major vehicle for the Klan sheet-heads to control blacks. When the Civil War ended, 10 percent of the Union Army was black and the federal government sent them home armed with their service rifles. And the Klan used various approaches to take the arms away from the blacks, including breaking into their homes, searching them, and removing all guns.

How many know that police have no duty to respond to a 911 call for help? (See Atlantic Reporter, 2nd Series, Volume 444, Pages 1-12) How many know that enforcing a protective order is optional for police? (U.S. Supreme Court, Castle Rock, Colo., v. Gonzales, 04-278, October Term, 2004)

How many know the following: Point Blank: Guns and Violence in American, Dr. Gary Kleck, Aldine de Gruyter, New York, 1991, Page 121. (Dr. Kleck is professor of criminology at Florida State University at Tallahassee)

“... that citizens can depend on police for effective protection, is simply untrue. It implies that police can serve the same function as a gun in disrupting a crime in progress, before the victim is hurt or loses property. Police cannot do this, and indeed do not themselves even claim to be able to do so. Instead, police primarily respond reactively to crimes after they have occurred, questioning the victim and other witnesses in the hope that they can apprehend the criminals, make them available for prosecution and punishment, and thereby deter other criminals from attempting crimes. Police officers rarely disrupt violent crimes or burglaries in progress; even the most professional and efficient urban police forces rarely can reach the scene of a crime soon enough to catch the criminal "in the act" (Walker 1989, pp. 124 5). More generally, the idea that modern police are so effectively in controlling crime that they have rendered citizen self protection obsolete is widely at variance with a large body of evidence that police activities have, at best, only very modest effects on crime (Walker 1989, Chapter 7).”

I carry a loaded handgun wherever I go and can do so legally in more than half the states. If I happen upon a violent criminal attempting to murder you, what do you want me to do? Should I take notes to give to the police when they arrive to look at your body? Or should I use my gun to save your life. And this is not a rhetorical question. I carry a gun out into the dark streets in South Central LA during the Rodney King riots to help save a black man’s life; I was glad I didn’t have to use the gun, but I would not have gone out there to confront the five men who were trying to beat the man to death. Please think about the above before you become a murder victim. Joseph L. Bass, Ed.D.