Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jesse Jackson: Trump Is Campaigning on Ignorance

by Rev. Jesse Jackson

Donald Trump has risen to the top of the Republican presidential candidate ratings while campaigning on the nutty charge that President Obama isn't American, that he is not legally qualified to be president.

The Trump effect has led others, like Sarah Palin, to start hedging their dismissal of these absurdities. If this continues, the Republican race could turn into a race for the muck.

America deserves better. Jobs are short; wages aren't keeping up; home values keep falling. The banks are doing fine, but people are still losing their homes. The rich are paying fewer taxes while the poor pay more fees. The middle class is getting crushed. Good jobs are still shipped abroad, replaced, if at all, by lower-wage work. There is now more student loan debt owed in America than credit card debt.
We need a serious debate about what we do to get out of this hole.


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