Monday, August 10, 2009

Why We Should Never Take Financial Advice from a Rapper

by Dr Boyce Watkins, Syracuse University 

In his video called "Rich N*gga Sh*t" (I can't even write the title, since I don't want to pollute the eyes of my readers. Maybe you can fill in the missing letters, like in the TV gameshow "Wheel of Fortune."), the rapper Soulja Boy has worked overtime to set an all-time record for massive hip hop buffoonery. But he's only 19-years old, so I am going to give him a pass in hopes that he will choose to wise up at some point.

Showing off his new diamond chain that doubles as a remote control toy Lamborghini, the young brother proceeds to wow his audience by pushing the limits of financial extravagance. I've seen rappers with chains shaped like the state of New York or jewels that have their names on them, but I have never seen a chain that doubles as a remote control car. When I saw his latest "achievement," I truly felt that he'd lost it. I am not here to say that Soulja Boy has not planned for his financial security, I really hope he has. At the same time, I've seen a ton of rappers get wads of dough, only to find themselves broke and spending their lives in the studio trying to create their next breakout hit. Let's be real: the industry is not here to empower the rappers - it is here to enslave them. Soulja Boy's comments about giving "big ups" to slave masters (for bringing black people to America) should have been saved for the slave masters in the recording industry who control his destiny right now.

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