Friday, July 24, 2009

Today’s Media stuff….keeping you posted

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Dr Boyce Watkins, Syracuse University

Hey peeps!

I hope you don't mind, but I enjoy keeping my YBW family included in the updates to what is going on behind the scenes in this situation with Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates.  I felt the need to comment on this not because I do not believe Professor Gates, but because I feel that we need to learn all the facts before rushing to judgement.  You guys know me, and know that I don't hesitate to put the "smack down" on issues that are clearly problematic.  But I am not, for one second, interested in destroying a good cop's career based on mere speculation.  I am not sure if the officer is a good cop or not, but I have not yet seen evidence that he has a history of racially profiling anyone and I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to ride any kind of bandwagon on this issue or any other.  As I always say, you should not let anyone think for you,  you should think critically for yourself - do your homework, get the facts and then come to a judgement.& nbsp;

Scheduled media appearances are below if you'd like to follow along.  Also, I am going to continue to write on these issues candidly on my blog, my website and with AOL and NBC.  Remember - my goal is not to win friends in this game, it is to search for truth.  I hope that perspective makes sense.


Dr Boyce

Tentative media schedule for Friday and Saturday:

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Headline News (CNN) - 5:30

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Anderson Cooper – 9 pm EST

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